Vue.js Testing for Everyone

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April 4th 2020, Verona

Language: english

Check-in 9:00 - 9:30 / Workshop 9:30 - 18:00 (lunch and coffee breaks included)

Hotel San Marco, Via Longhena 42, 37138, Verona, Italy - how to reach us

Companies aim to create robust and quality products that satisfy their users needs, and as a developer you have the power to help achieving that goal. Testing takes a great part on this: it doesn’t only make sure the code you’re creating works, but also helps making sure the user requirements are met and to create a sustainable architecture, helping with refactoring, and much more. This workshop will lead you to learn all you need to know to test your Vue.js applications step by step and in the most practical way possible, where you will create tests yourself. By the end of it, you will be able to test a Vue.js application following best practices.


  • Introduction to testing: What/Why/How to test, types of tests, parts of a test.
  • Testing your JavaScript code: First “hello world” test, tests structure, testing practices, TDD
  • Test Doubles: Mocks, stubs, spies, solving dependencies and side effects
  • Testing in Vue: First Vue component test, Shallow vs Deep rendering, Testing styles and structure, custom events, computed and methods, slots, snapshot testing…
  • Snapshot Testing: using this technique the right way for efficient testing components
  • Vuex Testing: Mutations, Getters, Actions, best pratices and utils, unit vs integration store testing

Target audience

The workshop is made for developers with basic Vue.js and Javascript knowledge. No testing experience is required: the workshop goes from 0 to 100 covering basic, intermediate and advanced concepts. If you already have some testing experience, you’ll still benefit from the more advanced concepts and best practices.

Useful information

To participate in the workshop, please bring your laptop and make sure you have the following tools/programs installed:

  • Node.js (LTS version)
  • yarn (or NPM)
  • Git
  • Your favorite IDE

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