Nuxt.js - The Beginners Workshop

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Monday, September 21st and Wednesday, September 23rd 2020.

Language: english

14:30 - 18:30 CEST

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Nuxt.js is an app-level framework for building Vue.js applications that will make a developer’s life easier. The framework offers features like Server Side Rendering, Static Site Generation and automatic code splitting to make sure your front-end is production-ready and has great performance. In this workshop, we will develop a near-real-life app with Nuxt.js together, from creating the project to the final deployment. During this process we will take a look at many features Nuxt.js offers and also show common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


  • Prelude: What is Nuxt and why is it the perfect choice for your next project?
  • Creating our project scaffold via create-nuxt-app
  • The structure of a Nuxt application
  • Taking a look at the nuxt.config.js
  • The Nuxt routing system
    • Introduction
    • Dynamic Routes
    • Transitions
    • Nested routes with
    • Layouts
    • Asset handling
  • Server Side Rendering demystified
  • AsyncData - a new function
  • Using and accessing Vuex
  • Improving SEO with vue-meta
  • Nuxt plugins – The pinch of salt in the soup
  • Nuxt modules - Decouple and encapsulate repetitive logic
  • Introduction into JAMstack and Static Site Generation
  • Deploying our application to Netlify

Target audience

The workshop is made for Vue.js developers having no or little experience with Nuxt.js but want to make their developer’s life easier. To get the most out of the workshop, basic Vue.js and Javascript knowledge is required.

Useful information

To participate in the workshop, please bring your laptop and make sure you have the following tools/programs installed:

  • Node.js (LTS version)
  • yarn (or NPM)
  • Vue DevTools for your favorite browser
  • Git
  • Your favorite IDE

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